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Dear Friend,

Living with chronic kidney disease and making triweekly trips to dialysis, life was a struggle. As an only child and now only living member of her immediate family, it was very lonely at times. The day Gloria came to Chabad significantly changed her life for the better. At Chabad, Gloria found an answer to her soul’s spiritual longing, and an embracing community, a home away from home.

Her eyes would glow as she spoke about starting to light the Shabbat candles again, the joy of a Shabbat service, and experiencing the traditions of her youth. Within a few short weeks, Gloria made close friends within the community, sharing many a Shabbat dinner and Sunday coffee.

It was a chilly Wednesday morning in late November 2016 when Gloria called me and insisted on meeting right away. I had a flight that evening to attend the annual Shluchim conference in New York, but Gloria was adamant that we meet before my trip. Later that afternoon as we sat in the Chabad Jewish Center library, we had the deepest of conversations. We laughed and cried as Gloria told me about her amazing life’s story, and how much it meant to her to find Chabad and rekindle her Jewish spark.

Just a few days later while in New York, I heard the tragic news of Gloria’s sudden passing due to health complications. I then understood why Gloria was so insistent on meeting so soon. Chabad stepped in right away to make sure that Gloria had a proper Jewish burial in a most respectful manner. At noon, on Friday December 2nd, many of her friends from the community came out to attend her funeral. Amidst the tragedy, it was heartwarming to know that Gloria’s final months on this earth were filled with joy and friendship and that her precious soul was sent off in the presence of so many good friends.

This is an example as to why I ask that you graciously consider joining our 50 Strong end of year campaign, with a generous tax deductible donation. Your partnership will enable us to continue to be there for every Jew in our county, providing the warmth of community and the joy of our collective heritage

May G-d bless you, in the merit of your kindness, that this coming year be one of great success, both materially and spiritually.

Thank you for your generosity and support,

Rabbi Berel and Goldie Paltiel
Co-Directors of Chabad of Snohomish County


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