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Reflections on the remarkable life of Dafna Meir Hy"d

Remarkable Story

How to deal with adversity

Into the Ark

​Sure, Talmud is holy, but does it provide any concrete benefits? In this video we share one of the many benefits gained from studying any part of Torah. Let's enter the Ark.

Let's abolish organized religion
High Holiday Message - 2015

What am I projecting?

A story of Psychological projection in the Torah

A Yiddishe Mame's Candle

Tefillin = Mindfulness

Why All The Does and Don'ts?


Life's Journey


The Kabbalah of Latkes

The Big Picture

Life's One Constant

Noach - Entering the ark

Rosh Hashanah Jew?


Korach vs Moses

Synopsis of class given @ Chabad on 6/5/13

Ego vs Self-esteem

The Story of The Jewish Community

Thanks to you, it continues here in Snohomish County!

Reflections On the Sandy Hook Massacre

All or Nothing?

Rosh Hashana Message

What Do I Do With All This Inspiration?


Reacting to Evil

A Perspective on the Colorado Shooting

Can You Be a Tightrope Walker?


Where is your Joy Gene?

(Please note: Torah commentaries explain that G‑d created Adams body by gathering earth from all parts of the world. G‑d then formed the body from the gathered earth)

Can a Mean Person Be Holy?

Good Human Being then Divine Human Being

The Joy of Pointing Fingers

When Does G‑d have time

To Learn My Name?

Miracles, Part Two

The Mundane



Miracles, Part One

The Extraordinary

The Joy of Pointing Fingers

G‑d Did It!