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Join the Chabad Partners Club in honor of the new year with any level of monthly contribution!  


Become a Partner in the Jewish future

Each Chabad Center is self-supporting and receives no funding from Chabad umbrella organizations. Chabad of Snohomsh County is completely donor based and is solely dependent on the funds raised by Rabbi Berel and Goldie. The Chabad House is committed to financial responsibility and transparency.

Untitled 9.42.jpgUnlike traditional synagogues, Chabad of Snohomish County does not require annual membership dues or building fund payments. We are committed to be there for every person, no matter what his or her financial status is.

The Chabad Partners Club is comprised of people from all income levels who care for the continuity of Judaism, Jewish values and spirit in Snohomish County.

This is a great opportunity to give Tzedakah, give us the ability to continue all the wonderful work that we do, and join a group of wonderful individuals committed to the financial support and success of Chabad of Snohomish County.

Monthly Giving

A crucial element of support for Chabad's work comes from hard-working individuals who commit to a monthly contribution. These monthly donations add up and make a great difference in covering Chabad's operational budget. As the Talmud says “Each and every penny adds up to a large amount”.

Any amount you give has a tremendous impact!

In our effort to be inclusive for families of all income levels, Partnership Opportunities have been designed within a wide range. However, if you are capable, please consider participating at a higher level.

At any time you wish, you could increase, decrease or cancel your pledge.

  • By investing with a Monthly contribution, you are a partner in all the important day-to-day work Chabad is doing for our Community.

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You may cancel or change donation amount and/or duration at any time by contacting our office.