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 June, 10 2015 - Prayers

Prayers: At its core, prayer is about requesting our needs, but there is more to prayer as well. Chassidut teaches that prayer is about connecting and meditation. In this class we will examine the pattern of the morning prayer, and learn how it intends to fulfill both of the above-mentioned functions.


June 3rd 2015 - Blessings

Blessings: We teach our children to say please and thank you, Torah teaches us to do the same. Before we take part and enjoy something in G‑ds beautiful world, we say a blessing, thanking G‑d for giving us the privilege of taking part in His magnificent creation.  There are many different blessings used for different foods and experiences. We  review those blessings in this class. 

Class #3 

Meet the Books  Torah is extremely broad and has literally tens of thousands of books. In this class we will explore Torah's history and structure so that you walk away with a good understanding of its beauty, depth and construct.



Class #1

Belief in G‑d (for both souls) - Monday, October 7

"Ani Maamin - I believe". These two words define/d Jewish life for thousands of years.  Do you ever wonder where this belief comes from and what it is all about?

In this class we will examine our core belief and how every Jew acquired it. “For both souls” - we will also explore a scientific approach to Judaism's belief in G‑d.