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Start the week off on a high! Join us every first and third Sunday morning, 9:00- 10:00am for Tefillin, coffee and short inspiring video presentation.

  • Tefillin available for use.
  • No prior experience necessary
  • If you have Tefillin, please bring them.  


Date: the first and third Sunday every Month  Time: 9:00- 10:0am @ Chabad

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Tefillin, is not only good for the soul, its a powerful tool of protection:

Before the six day war, the Rebbe began the "Tefillin campaign", encouraging every Jewish male over the age of Bar Mitzvah to put on Tefillin for the safety of our sisters and brothers in the holy land. But why tefillin? Of all mitzvahs, why should the Rebbe have chosen tefillin specifically to ensure Israel's security?

The answer is in the Parshah (weekly Torah reading) of Ki Tavo: And all the nations of the world will see that the Name of G‑d is upon you and they will fear you (Deuteronomy 28:10). What does it mean that "the Name of G‑d is upon you"? The Talmud (Brachot 6a) quotes Rabbi Eliezer the Great who explained that the verse refers to the tefillin worn on the head, which bear the letter Shin symbolizing G‑d's name. These are visible to the eye and have the spiritual power to inspire fear in the hearts of our enemies. Indeed, one of the most powerful images of the Six Day War, is of the Egyptian soldiers fleeing the Sinai in total disarray. 



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